post mastectomy tank top


the Pauir Workout Top


When Jamie Hoffpauir—fitness professional & Pauir CEO/founder—was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had confidence that exercise would help save her life. What she DIDN'T HAVE was a workout top that was easy and painless to put on since she couldn’t lift her arms as a result of surgery and radiation.

So...she made one. An amazing one. Offering THE WORLD'S FIRST BOTTOM-TO-TOP FRONT ZIPPER WORKOUT TANK TOP for easy access to put on and take off.

With other features designed for women fighting the ultimate breast cancer fight

Snug, secure • Strong but soft • Prosthetic pockets & built in bra shelf • Stunning design--wear outside of working out • Made & material sourced in the U.S.

According to the Harvard Nurses' Health Study, moderate daily exercise can decrease your risk of breast cancer recurrence, and increase breast cancer survival rates both by 50%.  GETTING INTO A WORKOUT TOP SHOULDN'T BE YOUR WORK OUT.

Zip into Pauir.  


Click on the video above. Get into Pauir.

10% of sales go to PINK RIBBON GIRLS

10% of sales go to PINK RIBBON GIRLS

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"I love how easy it is to get into and out of the Top. No more wrestling and contorting. It’s comfortable and fits like a glove so I can focus on my workout and not my workout clothes. Plus, it was designed with a badass in mind. ; )"

Mary Jane C., triple negative breast cancer survivor