Pauir Athletic Apparel


The Pauir Workout Top is the first workout top designed specifically for women fighting or surviving breast cancer. It's front zipper makes it easy to slip on without the frustration of struggling into a traditional workout top. The Pauir Workout Top is hands down, the easiest top to get into.

the Pauir Workout Top


When Jamie Hoffpauir—fitness professional & Pauir CEO/founder—was diagnosed with breast cancer, she KNEW exercise would help save her life. What she didn’t have—but envisioned—was a workout top that was easy to put on since she couldn’t lift her arms without pain as a result of surgery and radiation. So...she made a top. And an amazing one. For the women fighting the ultimate fight and any woman on any fitness mission.

Daily exercise has since been proven to increase chances of breast cancer survival and decrease recurrence by 50%.*

Now, no woman will be denied access from working out in a proper workout top. Especially one as fiercely inspiring as this one.

Getting into a workout top shouldn’t be your workout. Zip into Pauir.  

* “Physical Activity and Survival After Breast Cancer Diagnosis,” Dr. Michelle Holmes, Harvard Nurses’ Health Study