Meet Pauir

By Jamie Hoffpauir, CEO/Owner, Pauir Athletic Apparel

Throughout my life I have dreamed, believed, and achieved all through hard work and dedication. When life would try to pull me down, I fought back. When it happened again, I fought back even harder. That is what I want to share. So, I’m not going to go on and on about myself. If you want to learn more about me and my fight, visit our about page.

I do however, want to tell you about one of my biggest dreams, beliefs, and achievements. Pauir Athletic Apparel. I want to help those faced with a not so unique story. Breast cancer is real. It’s hard. It’s hell, actually. Deciding to not live in that hell and instead thrive is the mindset that needs to be instilled in so many people. Not wanting to be labeled as just a survivor, but a warrior. A fighter. Those words mean so much more than ‘survivor’. Fight. Push. Win. Everyone who fights against cancer is a winner. And you know what? Winning is simply a mindset. The fight and effort inside of us all is what has and will continue to make us winners.

While the Pauir Workout Top is here to make it easier for you to fight and continue your fitness routine post diagnosis, Pauir Athletic Apparel is going to help you continue that fight and to become a winner. Giving you a ‘go get ‘em’ when you’re in your sweat pants and sitting on the couch. Let’s show cancer that none of us are weak that we WILL be winners and let Pauir help you along the way.

Don’t want to go for your run today? Don’t want to head to the gym? Listen to this for some quick motivation.