Shop Small

During this time of year we are all pushed to ‘shop small’. Buying your gifts from small business owners across the country is great for so many reasons. From improving the local economy, improved customer service, to building a personal business network. As an entrepreneur, I try my damnedest to buy local or buy from small business owners like myself. That is a big reason why I decided to keep my company local as well.

All Pauir Workout Tops are made in Cleveland, Ohio by a company called The Pattern Makers. A small team works tirelessly to make their business grow while simultaneously helping companies across the country succeed. Now that, is something I can get behind.

I love that if I have a question or an issue I can call Sean and can feel the true passion for business through the phone. I can hear the hustle in their work behind the scenes. I can communicate on a personal level and feel confident that my order (and your order) is being handled with importance. After all, my business is their business too.

jamie pauir.png

This type of passionate work is what drove me to share the Pauir Workout Top with others. It is what made me build a website, learn the ins and outs of social media, research the best shipping methods, set up a booth at a fitness event instead of participating in it. I know this shirt will change lives and the passion behind the shirt will change the way women look at the fight against breast cancer.

Every order placed goes through my hands. The box you receive doesn’t just contain a shirt. It contains the fight, the hustle, the passion, the hours of hard work that myself, my family, The Pattern Makers, and so many others have given to get to the other side

Michaela Wilson