It's a new year. Many of us set goals to better ourselves. Few of us complete these goals. My question is, "WHY the hell not?". What's your excuse? Keep. On. Going. Whether your resolution is dealing with fitness, money, diet, charity, health, etc....Keep. On. Going.

I could give you so many tips for the gym and your diet. But instead, I'll give you a tip for all aspects of your life. Figure out your WHY. Why will you push harder? Why will you hit the gym more? Why will you make coffee at home instead of heading to Starbucks? Family, Yourself, Friends? What is it?

Once you figure that out - write it down. Write it everywhere. Your bathroom mirror, your fridge, make it your phone background, put a post it up on your desk. Remember that WHY. When you feel like giving up, remind yourself of that WHY.

Your diet may fail, you might spend too much one month, you might miss leg day because you're tired. But - your WHY - never goes away.

When I was battling cancer I decided my WHYs were so much bigger than any amount of chemo, surgeries, or doctors. Sure there were days I wanted nothing more than my sweats and my bed. But for each of those shit days I promised every single WHY in my life that I would kick ass even harder the next time I was in the gym. I could almost hear my WHY in my head yelling at me to get out there. My WHY became my personal trainer. Pushing me harder day in and day out.

Find your WHY and make 2017 count.