When you are diagnosed with cancer – your mind goes into crazy mode. You start think of every ‘what if’, your kids, your family, how to tell people, what does it mean for your future; the list goes on literally FOREVER.  One of the last things on most people’s mind is one that could result in you no longer needing to worry about cancer affecting that list of what ifs. Exercise.

There are studies upon studies that show the massive amount of benefits that come from exercising post diagnosis. Your body takes an extreme beating during chemo and it’s your job to keep it in tip top shape to power through. It is also important to continue this mentality to prevent reoccurrence.

A roundtable convened by the American College of Sports Medicine in 2010 found that exercise is safe during and after all breast cancer treatments (as long as you take any needed precautions and keep the intensity low) and improves physical functioning, quality of life, and cancer-related fatigue. There also is evidence that exercise can help breast cancer survivors live longer and lead a more active life.

I’ve told you time and time again that the gym was my happy place during and post my cancer journey. It still is today. The connections and relationships I have made with others are still strong and present to this day. My thoughts of hating my body or being mad at ‘something’ for doing this to me, disappeared. Instead I focused my anger on doing 10 more reps. I focused my hurt on walking another mile. I distracted myself with something healthy, all along while bettering myself. That is invaluable. Yeah, I could have decided to take up knitting or scrapbooking, but that just wasn’t me.

I hit the gym every day. No matter how long it took me to get out of bed and get dressed I was excited to just get to my happy place (hence the reason for creating the Pauir Workout Top). At a time that I felt so out of control of everything – I took control as much as I could.

Know somebody who was recently diagnosed? Not sure how to help them get back in the swing of things? Or do you know someone who has recently won the battle and want to make sure they stay healthy and cancer free? Send them a Pauir Athletic Apparel gift card so they can find the right products along with constant encouragement from me.