“The customer is always right”. Hell yeah you are. That’s why we decided to take the Pauir Workout Top back to the drawing board and make a few key changes. We received feedback from a few of our customers about the style, fit, and features of the shirt. Now, we are ready to share it with you!

1. Strap adjustments are now in the front of the shirt. This will allow you to easily adjust the straps without having to raise your arms behind your head to do so or guessing where they should be before putting the shirt on. This is a great change that encompasses the entire point of the shirt. Easy to get on and off and styled for you.

2. The new top now has a wider neck line in the front and not as deep of a v cut.

3. The shirt will have a more figure flattering and athletic cut.

4. The soft fabric will remain the same as it is very versatile. Wear it in the gym, to your favorite restaurant, or even while out with friends.

Already have a Pauir top but want to try out the new style? Use the promo code as a thank you for being a loyal customer. Promo code: E9C1FE7.

Never tried it out before? Now is the time. Order a top before we run out so you can get to running to the gym.