1 in 8 women in the United States are being diagnosed with breast cancer. Nearly 300,000 in the U.S. alone. 


But THESE numbers are heartening: working out daily can increase chances of survival by 50% and decrease recurrence by 50%

as shown by the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study and reported in “Physical Activity and Survival After Breast Cancer Diagnosis” by Dr. Michelle Holmes. (The full report including details around correlating degrees of exercise to results can be found here.)

The Pauir Workout Top was conceived as a post mastectomy sports bra / zippered tank top so women experiencing restricted arm and shoulder mobility from breast cancer-related surgery and radiation can EASILY AND PAINLESSLY PUT ON A WORKOUT TOP, zipping it on like a jacket.

It was designed to also accommodate changes in the body as a result of breast cancer treatment, including skin sensitivity issues and the profound impact of mastectomies. And so that women in and after treatment feel beautiful and empowered to resume their place alongside everyone else where they work out, exercising to survive and thrive. 

And it can be worn by ANY woman desiring a premium, athleisure workout top.

Pauir CEO/Owner Jamie Hoffpauir’s mission regarding breast cancer is to ensure that every one affected by it knows and acts upon the vital impact of daily exercise. The Pauir Workout Top is her way of providing a “pauirful” means for women to do so.  

Read more about Jamie’s breast cancer experience, work and involvement here.