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Pauir Workout Top

The Pauir Workout Top is the first athletic top designed specifically for women affected by breast cancer. It's front zipper allows the top to go on without the pain and frustration of struggling into traditional athletic tops for women with restricted arm and shoulder movement.


Introducing the Pauir Workout Top

  • Own it. Forget the struggle of raising your arms to get your shirt on. The bottom-to-top zipper allows you to get into the top easily, and to your workout even faster.
  • Choose it. The built-in shelf bra allows you to choose to wear a prosthetic (or not).
  • Ditch it. The secure fit gives you the confidence you need to keep going without any extra layers of support.
  • Rock it. The SUPPLEX® blend material and flat seams are easy on sensitive skin, so there's nothing standing between you and maximum performance.


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I love how easy it is to get into and out of the Top. No more wrestling and contorting. It’s comfortable and fits like a glove so I can focus on my workout and not my workout clothes. Plus, it was designed with a badass in mind. ;)           -

           -Mary Jane C. Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor