Personal Training for Strength and Stamina.

Research has shown that regular exercise can increase your survival rate and reduce the chance of breast cancer recurrence, both by 50 percent. Given these critical survival/recurrence statistics, my personal breast cancer story, and 12 years of experience training women who are currently in treatment, post-treatment, and pre/post-surgery, I promise: you will NOT break from exercise! You will thrive and increase your chances of survival. We're in this together!

Training goals:

  • Rebuild your cardiovascular endurance with low impact exercise

  • Strengthen your muscles through resistance training

  • Improve your flexibility through gentle stretching moves designed to increase your range of motion throughout the pectoral and shoulder joints

  • Boost positive mood

  • Improve your body image

  • Help with weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight

Individual and Shared Sessions are available. Click here for more information