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Weight Loss Challenge

Wager. Work it. Weigh in. Win.

The 4 Weeks for $400* Program. (*YOU determine IF it costs $400.)


Here’s the skinny:


You bet on yourself to lose whatever weight for $400; IF YOU MEET GOAL AT THE END OF FOUR WEEKS, YOU GET $100 BACK.  Cash out or apply it to the NEXT 4 weeks.  You might be hungry for more.


WHAT'S YOUR GOAL?  4% in 4 weeks?  6% in 4 weeks?  I’ll help you figure it out…


You won’t go it alone because this all comes with a huge caveat: ME. I’ll not only train you but also oversee and support you—mind, body, and soul. As I do in every aspect of my work. You can even form your own group for additional challenge and support.


Here’s how it works:


1. Place your bet and weigh in 

2. Choose your meal plan:  Whole30 or Beverly International Nutrition and Supplement Plan (see more info below). I will help you choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle. 

3. Choose your workout schedule: you can…


Take a group class: 

Sunday 9:30 am

Monday and Wednesday 6 pm

Tuesday and Thursday 12-12:45 pm


Work out with me:

Monday - Wednesday and Friday, 5:45 -6:30 pm and AGAIN

Sunday 11 am These are my personal strength training and cardio sessions.


World-class rowing classes are also offered at the studio, but not included in the package: 


 20 classes $100


Monday 6:30 pm

Tuesday and Thursday 6 pm

Wednesday 6 am

Saturday 10 am 



You have 4 weeks to win. On the final day, weigh in and COLLECT YOUR WINNINGS.


If you don't win, bet on another round. Schedule a wellness session with me, and we will uncover what didn't work, why, and create a more successful strategy



Have to lose more to reach a healthy weight?

Place another bet, $400 and continue with the next 4-week challenge. The program will continue throughout the year.



Already at your goal weight? Great. Maintain it.

Place a $300 bet and maintain that weight for 6 months*. Weigh in after 24 weeks and if still at or under goal, win $125 back


*Must commit to 6 months  


On January 23rd, put your money where your mouth is and get healthy in 4 Weeks.

What you’ve got to “lose” is up to you. REPLY SOON TO GET ON BOARD, SPACE IS LIMITED.



More about the Whole30 Book. A step by step guide to transforming your body.


More about Beverly International Nutrition and Supplement Plans.