Wellness Coaching 

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” - Napoleon Hill 

So…you’ve got the gym membership, the Weight Watchers, the videos, the diet plans and books -maybe even a trainer—but finding you’re still stuck and not getting to the healthiest or even a healthier you. Or, are you looking greatbut not feeling well?   

Train with Pauir Wellness Coaching will get to the root and entirety of your situation to move you towards your vision of the healthiest self ever via my 3-month plan. 

Wellness is NOT the absence of disease or the opposite of illness; it is the control of one's well-beingphysical, mental, emotional and spiritualthrough regular, healthful behaviors with nutrition, exercise, stress management and health maintenance/disease prevention strategies.  

Wellness COACHING means you’ll have a program and a sponsor for strategic, accountable control to bridge who you are with who you want to be by mapping out incremental behavioral steps to incrementally lead a higher level of health and well-being.  

 Combining my personal training expertise with experience as a behavioral counselor,you’ll get checkpoints along the way and 24/7 access with me either online or phone. I will sponsor you to good wellness.  

My pledge as your wellness coachI will: 

Accept and meet you where you are today 

Ask you to take charge 

Help you define a higher purpose for health and well-being 

Uncover your natural impulse to be well 

Assist in helping you outline a personal wellness, health and fitness blueprint 

Help set and achieve realistic goals 

Harness the strengths you need to overcome obstacles 

Reframe obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow 

Enable you to build a support team  

Inspire and challenge you to go beyond what you would not normally do alone  


We will explore:  

Values—who do you want to be? 

Outcomes—what results do you want to achieve? 

Behaviors—what activities do you want to do consistently? 

Motivators—why does this matter a lot to you, right now? 

Resources—what strengths, talents and abilities will you draw upon? 

Challenges—what will you overcome? 

Support—what support team and structures will you put in place?

Initial session - 75 minutes (we have a LOT to cover)


Create a vision                

Design three-month goals 

Design first week's goals: develop two to five SMART (Specific Measureable Attainable

Realistic Timely) behavioral goals to work on between sessions 

 Weekly 30-45 minute session 

Weekly goals review 

Three-month goals review 

Generative moment—explore obstacles and what goals you are struggling with 

Design goal setting for the week 

Three-month goal review 

Celebrate achievement of milestones 

Consider developing a new three-month plan 

Modify coaching session frequency and/or renew commitment to the coaching program 


Program cost—$675 




Contact me, Jamie Hoffpauir, at 859-802-2354/jamie@pauirathleticapparel.com